Survivors of Childhood Sexual Molestation may be entitled to Serious Compensation.

  • Boys & Girls Club of America
  • Cheerleaders
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Y.M.C.A

Large Organizations and Institutions like Roman Catholic Dioceses, Public & Private Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Universities, Boy Scouts of America, and many others have all, at times, failed in their most sacred duty: to protect the children trusted into their care.


Survivor Compensation

Strict Confidence

Because of the sensitivity of the situations we will be addressing with you, all names and information will be kept in the strictest confidence at all times.

Compensation Funds

In some cases, these organizations attempt to avoid both litigation and bankruptcy by opening funds that are administered by a law firm of their choice. These funds are often operated with little transparency, policies that can change without notice and compensation offers are sometimes vastly different from one case to another, despite similar circumstances. We will do all the work for you to maximize your compensation.


New Laws Opening a Window

In many states, recent legislation has been passed allowing survivors of childhood sex crimes a brief window to file a claim or lawsuit against the organization that allowed it to happen. The windows vary in length from state-to-state and some are closing very soon. Now is the time to come forward, even anonymously, and fight back against the people and institutions that allowed this to happen. Complete the form to find out if your state has an open window, if a window might be opening soon, or if there are other options available.


Survivor Claims Compensation

Bankruptcy Claims = Short Time to File Claim

Some of these organizations know they are guilty and made the choice to seek bankruptcy protections rather than defend themselves in a trial. This just means that survivors need experienced representation to navigate the bankruptcy courts and their requirements, but you can still receive a lot of compensation and often in far less time. If the institution or organization that failed to help you then has now filed for bankruptcy, please contact us immediately. The time to file a claim is very, very short.


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