Survivors of Child Molestation at the YMCA are Eligible for Compensation

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YMCA claims

YMCA Claims

Youth organizations operate on the understanding that they are serving children. They are tasked with educating, mentoring, entertaining, and advancing the wellbeing of those under their supervision, often in the face of less-than-optimal home conditions. Unfortunately, that call to compassion has provided opportunities for predators, and allegations of child sexual abuse occurring have become all too common. The YMCA is among the organizations that have been named in recent civil litigations alleging sexual abuse perpetrated by employees, volunteers, and others associated with the organization. Many of these cases have faced criminal charges, and now survivors are beginning to seek compensation for the harms that they've suffered.

YMCA claims

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Because of these matters' sensitivity, all survivors' names and information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Where Will the Money Come From?

When parents or custodians put their children in the care of the YMCA and other youth organizations, they do so with the expectation that the children will be safe and the hope that they will receive real benefits as a result of their participation. In the case of the recent YMCA allegations, children became easy prey for predators who took advantage of the YMCA's failure to act responsibly and fulfill their duty of care. If the impact of child sexual abuse has disrupted your life, you may be able to file claims for compensation for the damages that you suffered.

YMCA claims

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Survivors of childhood sexual abuse tend to move forward in silence. Decades later, their emotional scars remain hidden for decades and only reveal themselves at moments of stress and vulnerability. Survivors of YMCA child sexual abuse often point to what happened to them as children as the cause of their adult adversities. Fortunately, the legal system allows these survivors to pursue claims for the damages that they endured. If you are a survivor and would like to learn about your rights and eligibility to file a claim against the YMCA, fill out our registration forms. One of our compassionate survivor advocates will reach out to you shortly.



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