Are you, or your child, a Survivor of Sexual Abuse at a School or Youth Facility?

Negligent administration, school districts, private schools, state schools, therapeutic boarding schools, boot camps, behavior modification facilities, wilderness therapy camps or any other facility in the "Troubled Teen Industry" can be held responsible for the damage you've suffered from sexual abuse. You can make a difference and receive compensation. Complete the online form or call 1-800-791-5352.


School claims

School Sexual Abuse and Molestation

Schools and other facilities for youth across the nation are finally facing up to what students or residents have been living with for years. They have turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of students by their personnel. Faculty and staff members are supposed to be role models and mentors. When they become predators, they can destroy the ability to ever trust again and permanently harm long term mental health and emotional wellbeing.

When abuse happens, survivors may not have understood that they were being groomed, or how vulnerable they were. IT IS NEVER THEIR FAULT. It is the schools that have failed millions of survivors around the country. They had the responsibility of protecting the children in their care, and their refusal to do so is now costing them. Many are facing civil litigation for their failures, and victims are being paid millions for the harm that they've suffered.

School claims

Getting you the Help you Need

You may not have come forward to report abuse yet, but that is okay, it is not too late. Staying quiet can lead to long-term health and emotional effects, including negative self-image, loss of confidence, and failure to trust or form healthy relationships. When you come forward to seek help, you not only help stop the same type of abuse from happening to others but you may also be eligible for financial compensation that will help pay for medical and emotional support.

School claims

Stopping Educator Sexual Misconduct

Every year, millions of students or residents, just like you, are the victims of sexual abuse and molestation at schools. Investigations are revealing that school districts and administrators are failing to investigate staff before hiring them properly, and failing to respond appropriately in the face of reports of molestation and sexual abuse.

The school is responsible for protecting students in its care. If they failed you and allowed you to suffer sexual abuse, then they need to be held accountable and you need to be compensated.


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