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church sex abuse claims

Strictest Confidence

Because of the sensitivity of the situations we will be addressing with you, all names and information will be kept in the strictest confidence at all times.

"The scars of childhood sexual abuse may stay with survivors long-term and they deserve more time to report these devastating crimes."

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

Gov. Edwards has signed a bill that passed both houses of the Legislature unanimously. The law opens a TEMPORARY window for victims of child sexual abuse to file civil lawsuits against those who allowed the sexual abuse to occur.

church assault claims

Bankruptcy Claims

Some of the Dioceses, like the Diocese of New Orleans, know they are guilty and made the choice to seek bankruptcy protections rather than defend themselves in a trial. This just means that survivors need experienced representation to navigate the bankruptcy courts and their requirements, but you can still receive a lot of compensation and often in far less time. If the institution or organization that failed to help you then has now filed for bankruptcy, please contact us immediately. The time to file a claim is very, very short.

church sex assault claims

Where Will the Money Come From?

Compensation for childhood sex crime survivors will not come from money set aside for church activities or for helping the needy. It will not dip into funds for charities, seminaries, donor-designated gifts, or donations to parishes, ministries, or schools. The money to pay victims will come from the sale of church-owned properties and insurance compensation.


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