Survivors of Child Molestation at the Boys & Girls Club are Eligible for Compensation

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Boys Girls Club claims

Boys and Girls Clubs of America Claims

Amidst allegations of child sexual abuse occurring in some of the country's most respected organizations, investigators have identified hundreds of boys and girls who claim to have been sexually abused by employees, volunteers, and others associated with the Boys & Girls Club of America and its affiliates. The abuse occurred over several decades, and now those who fell prey to predators are coming forward to seek justice for the wrongs that were perpetrated against them.

Boys Girls Club claims

Strict Confidence

Because of these matters' sensitivity, all survivors' names and information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Where Will the Money Come From?

The breach of trust, failure to report and failure to protect the boys and girls who were sexually abused by those associated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America have led those affected to file claims against the organization's assets. Recently passed laws have extended the deadline for how long survivors of childhood sexual abuse have in which to file these compensation claims. If you are a survivor, coming forward is time-sensitive. The sooner you contact us to learn about your rights, the sooner we can submit paperwork to protect your rights.

Boys Girls Club claims

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Childhood sexual abuse leaves scars and damage that last a lifetime. Many of those who have been affected by the abuse suffered during the time that they attended the Boys and Girls Club of America events have experienced depression, loneliness, substance abuse, and other long term impacts. If you are a survivor of abuse during your time with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, fill out our registration forms today to preserve your rights.



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